What is Sashiko?

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The literal translation of Sashiko is ‘little stabs’, but it is so much more than that. It is a beautiful way to hand sew or embroider using a simple running stitch to create striking designs. Originating in Japan, it was traditionally used to reinforce and add warmth to clothing as well as adding decoration.

Sashiko stitching persimmon flower design

This sample shows persimmon stitch in varigated pink thread on a naturally dyed fabric.

Where can I learn Sashiko stitching?

Graystone’s Sashiko workshops are offered as interactive online workshops and will be available face-to-face in local venues once Covid restrictions and social distancing requirements allow. So you can take part wherever you live.

How much does a workshop cost?

Workshops are individually priced please go to Sashiko workshops page for more information.

Do I need to buy a kit?

For Graystone’s interactive online workshops we supply a kit with all materials and specialist equipment carefully selected for you ready to use, saving you time searching and potentially offering a better price than if buying the different items separately.

Alternatively, you can order the downloadable templates and supply your own materials and equipment if you prefer. Re-using and re-purposing is a great way to keep fabrics out of landfill.

For face-to-face workshops, your materials and equipment will be included within the workshop fee.

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