Do you enjoy stitching and crafting in company?

A small, personal online group that is open to all. For people who like to ‘create’ and ‘make’, to meet, be creative together, socialise, relax and enjoy a chat in a warm, inclusive atmosphere.


When we perform gentle, repetitive actions with our hands, we focus our minds and become more ‘in the present’. This has potential therapeutic benefits, it’s a way of alleviating depression and anxiety, and creating a sense self and belonging. When we are ‘in the present’, we release the tensions and stresses of our everyday lives. Our mood improves; we start to feel a sense of calm and wellbeing, and emerge refreshed and energised.

Mindful Stitch Group ~ 1hr per week

What ever your prefered craft – sewing, knitting or crochet – all are welcome. There is nothing stopping “you mixing it about”!

There are no rules; the stitching can be planned, or free form, stitching where and how the mind chooses. Colours, threads and fabrics can be chosen to complement each other, be random, or just what you feel drawn to. The important thing is anything goes! It’s not about perfection; whatever you stitch is right for that moment.

This Mindful Stitch Group is run interactively online, so you can enjoy attending and meeting others from the comfort of your own home. It is a great opportunity to receive tips and advice and share work and ideas.

Dates for interactive online sessions

In order to have time to gel as a group and get to know each other, we will meet for an hour a week, each week, in blocks of six weeks. You can sign up for 6 sessions or just one, then if you wish to continue, you can simply sign up for the next 5 weeks!

Pay for one session: £8
Or get a block booking discount for 6 sessions: £40 (pay for 5 sessions and get one free)

Note: You will need to supply your own equipment and materials, such as needles or hooks, fabrics, threads or yarns – new, vintage or re-purposed. Kits can be supplied if required, please enquire.

Weekly sessions due to start late September.