Visible mending using Sashiko and Boro

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I’ve now finished repairing the left leg of my work jeans using boro and I’m pleased with how they look. But, more importantly, they will now last for a while longer as the patching and boro stitching will add strength as well as decoration.

Using boro to mend

After patching the knee with a pocket from another old pair of jeans I’ve used the sleeve from a short-sleeved striped denim shirt I found in a local charity shop. my stitching was done free hand – I made up the pattern as I went along. I love the narrow stripes in the denim patch and they actually made the stitching easier because I had lines I could follow.

Sashiko repair to leg of jeans

I’m busy repairing the right leg now with sashiko stitching. To start with I drew a grid on the leg that I could us as a guide for my sashiko stitching. This time I’ve used a denim patch inside the leg – it came from the old jeans I removed the pocket from. As the whole of the thigh and knee need reinforcing I used safety pins to pin in position before I tacked it in place. I’ve decided to use the persimmon flower pattern and a varigated sashiko thread. I’m finding it a bit more difficult to stitch as it’s such a long piece of pattern, but I’m pleased with how it’s looking.

My husband is loving the look of my visible mending with sashiko and boro, and now wants me to repair his work jeans too. He has a major hole in one leg so I need to think about how I patch it. I’ve still a bit more sashiko stitching to do before I can get started on his jeans. Any suggestions on whether I go free hand with boro or mark out a grid so I can use some of the beautiful repeat patterns you see in Sashiko?

If you’re interested in finding out more about Sashiko stitching head over to my Sashiko workshops page.

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