Sustainability and Hemp

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large black hemp tote bag

Would you choose hemp?

Sustainability is very much up there on the agenda for many young people and the Covid pandemic has made people much more aware of the world we live in and the provenance of not just our food, but a whole range of products including textiles and clothing.

Over the course of the last year, Graystone has been having regular conversations with Laura Bossom, owner and founder of CultivaKingdom. Laura is passionate about sustainability and the benefits of using hemp in a whole range of products, including hemp fibre in clothing and accessories. From our conversations I have learnt so much about hemp; it really is a very versatile plant, good for biodiversity and it is biodegradable. Even better, it is more disease resistant than cotton and needs much less water to grow. Hemp can be produced sustainably and is also a great option for vegans.

Graystone worked on a spa hotel project with Laura, making tote bags from a beautiful strong hemp herringbone fabric and eye masks from a luxurious hemp silk fabric with a fabulous sheen and softness.

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