Sashiko Hearts

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During the covid pandemic hospitals have been collecting pairs of knitted, sewn and crocheted hearts the same size and colour, of which one is given to the patient and the other sent from the hospital to a patient’s family.

Crafters, stitchers and knitters have been busy making these beautiful

After a recent Sashiko workshop a lovely client, who volunteers at her local hospice asked if I’d thought about using Sashiko for the hearts. It seemed like a wonderful way to share the beauty of Sashiko whilst honouring our friends and families, so I started playing with ideas.

I wanted to use traditional Japanese designs seen in Sashiko, so developed repeat pattern ideas that would work in a heart.

I also wanted to make the designs more personal, and spent time looking at the shapes and meanings of flowers. Yes, we all know that red roses are linked to passion and love, but did you know that edelweiss represents courage and devotion? I hadn’t realised that there is a whole dictionary of flowers that represent so many aspects of our lives and the way we connect to others.

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