Poppies and Sashiko

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Every day our new garden looks different. The recent warm weather and rain has made the vegitation lush and green. Seeing what plants are growing and flowers are appearing is a delight.

Having lacked a bit of love and care over the years, there is a massive amount of clearing and weeding to do. The lush green isn’t always the plants we want – the bindweed grows at incredible speed, winding its way up the stems of plants and pulling them down, while the brambles extend their arms, weaving in and out of shrubs and bushes.


The poppies have put on an amazing show – First we had the acid yellow of the Welsh poppies appear near the house, then the scarlet oriental poppies bigger than teacups, followed by even more abundant show of poppy blooms in a deep cadmium orange dark smudges in their centres. I know it’s rather late, but I’ve just planted some double headed burgundy poppies – I was intrigued by the colour on the packet – Let’s wait to see what comes up!

The poppies have been a source of inspiration for my sashiko stitching. How would you represent this beautiful bold, but fragile flowers?

Stitched poppy design

Sashiko Design

Here is how I stitched my poppy design

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