Having recently moved, we now have a beautiful, large garden, which is in need of a little love and attention. We have already been surprised and delighted to see different plants coming back to life after the chilly spring and flowers blooming. The daffodils and blue and pink hyacinths that greeted us when we arrived have long since gone. The swathes of dandelions have changed from gold to delicate, misty-grey clocks and the cowslips in the lawn are fading. We now have a bright splash of yellow Welsh poppies near the house and the first pop of scarlet from an oriental poppy in amongst the vibrant blue knapweed.

We are starting to clear and cut back some overgrown borders and plants. I’d hoped to pick the dandelion flowers for natural dyeing, but ran out of time. In the meantime the nettles have been sprouting – I planned to pick the tips, again for natural dyeing, but left it too late.

Having dug out a section of nettles intertwined with brambles, the question is: What to do with our nettles? So I’ve put some in a bucket with a little water to rot down and make some plant feed. I’ve placed the bucket out of the way as it’s likely to get a bit smelly before it’s ready to bottle.

I’ve also saved some of the roots, but I’m wondering what to do with them! Any thoughts?

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