Boro – visible mending

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My old work jeans are showing their age, so I’ve started visible mending with Boro. Boro is such a lovely way to repair and reinforce clothes that are starting to wear out. I find I get into a rhythm of stitching, the work goes quickly and it calms my mind.

Stitching for wellbeing

When I’m on a long journey and I’m not driving I like to have something for my hands to do. This means that I always try to carry a project with me in hand luggage. Yes, sometimes I’ll just watch the world passing by, read or chat, but often some form of stitching or embroidery works well. In the past I’ve crocheted and knitted as well as sewn, and I’ve even stitched with beads, despite the risk of beads spilling onto the floor.

So this week, knowing I was going to have a few hours to kill on the train I decided to take my work jeans and sashiko thread so I could start mending them with Boro.

Steps of patching with Boro

I’ve used a pocket from a charity shop purchase and running stitch on the knee to mend it.

Next, I want to reinforce the right leg, which is wearing thin too. I’ve drawn the grid on ready for stitching. (You might just see the lines on the photo of me wearing the jeans.)
I’m trying to decide whether to stitch using undyed thread, indigo or varigated blue for the right leg – what do you think?

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