Have you experienced the magic of natural dyeing? Do you want to experiment with plants to produce vibrant rich colours on textiles?

An Introduction to Natural Dyeing


In this workshop, we will use natural dyes to make a beautiful scarf.

Historically, dyers have used natural products such as plants, berries or bark to produce a fabulous rainbow of coloured textiles. We will explore this by learning about basic natural dyeing processes and look at how natural dyes, different fibres and different techniques can affect the end result.

We will cover some of the methods for preparing fabrics for dyeing and what is needed to achieve brighter colours that remain strong and won’t fade.

Using the dyestuffs available, we will prepare our own dyebaths and naturally dye our silk scarf and fabric samples to producing beautiful, natural colours.

Interactive online workshop dates

The interactive online workshop runs as one 3 hour session. (Take breaks when you need.)
Full details will be sent to you so you can start preparing your dyebath in advance. This allows you time in the session to focus on the basics of natural dyeing and apply this to your own beautiful naturally dyed scarf

Introduction to Natural Dyeing runs interactively online: £37.50
plus basic natural dyeing kit with with silk scarf: £22 (includes UK postage)
or basic natural dyeing kit with with organic cotton scarf: £27.50 (includes UK postage) or provide your own materials and dyestuffs.

Sunday 26th September: 2pm – 5pm

Thursday 28th October: 2pm – 5pm

Friday 19th November: 10am – 1pm

Face-to-face workshop dates

Run as a single session in a venue, this face-to-face workshop runs for 3 hours (including a break for refreshments). You can immerse yourself in the process of preparing a natural dyebath and natrually dyeing a scarf and samples with your chosen dyestuff to take home.

For the face-to-face workshop the fee includes the materials and equipment you will use on the day and refreshments.

Due to the pandemic dates still to be arranged.

Natural Dyeing for Embroiderers and Felters

Here at Graystone I love all things textiles! If your passion is embroidery or felting, read on. Over the coming months I will be developing natural dyeing workshops specifically tailored to the interests and needs of different crafts. So, whether you enjoy embroidery or felting, or both, I will be running a workshop to allow you to dye your own thread or fabric to complement your existing skills and interests. These workshops will be run for groups and tailored to suit your specific requirements.

More details and dates to be announced soon but get in touch if this is of interest to you.